Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well? Did I Succeed??

Holla Back,

Well this is it! Last Monday of the month of April, so time for my #AwesomeApril wrap up! Check out my original post here to view my original goals.

First, a brief update from this past week. And trust me, it is brief! I didn't accomplish much of my goals at all this week. Hubby got sick, then baby got it, then last Sunday I got it. I think I worked out twice? Once doing Body Gospel's Stretch in the Spirit and completing Week 3 of APY 60 (yoga). So doing push ups or getting to the gym for kettlebell swings were completely out. For the food category, I did well! HFCS is pretty much out of our kitchen and whole grains are moving in!! I also went to my (in)rl event on Saturday, which I cannot wait to share with you about! 

So, overall, this past week was a bust, but #AwesomeApril was a success! I worked out pretty much every day (not counting this past week), I have cut out most junk foods and am now making healthier choices eating out, AND not only did I finish reading Second Corinthians in the Message, but I am now in Colossians!! 

I am totally proud of myself! I am beginning to feel a physical difference in my body from working out daily and cutting out that addictive HFCS. Good Feelings all around! 

I hope you, as well, managed to accomplish some goals in April. If you did, feel free to brag about it in the comments!

But of course, before you go....It's time for my Ten Goals for May!! :D I am back to less detailed goals for the month of May. Check out my September 2012 Goals or my October 2012 goals, which I never got to update because I had a beautiful baby! So without further adieu::

Ten Goals for May
1. Read two books

2. Continue to read through the Message daily

3. Bake 1 new Pinterest recipe

4. Blog MWF the whole month

5. Verse meditation at least once each week

6. Stay on the workout train! BG and APY

7. Glass etching project

8. Read my new Revealing Jesus devo daily

9. Try 2-3 new baby foods with Baby G

10. Go on TWO fun dates with Hubby!

Making goals for the month of May?? Share below!!

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