Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Update + Goals Update

Howdy Mr. Bloggy

Well it is time for updates all around!! Starting off first with my precious Baby Girl!! She is SIX MONTHS OLD TODAY! Oh my gosh. I have had this blessing with me for half a year. Wow. Just wow. 

We went to the doctor today for her well check up so the next few days will be rough after those shots. She weighed 16# 2oz and was 25 inches long. She even managed to smile at the nurse through tears after the shots! What a cutie! Heck, I know you want another picture!


This month we didn't accomplish much. She still won't roll from her tummy to her back, but can't seem to stop herself from rolling back to tummy! Blowing raspberries seemed to come back full force after disappearing for a few weeks. That one could have stayed wherever it went! 

She has become an oatmeal eating pro managing to eat 2 ounces at a time. Then we both get bored and quit. Oops. Yesterday she also received a few tiny bits avocado. That was a good time. For the parents that is. Not sure she is ready for so much flavor but hopefully with time :)

We also bought her a jumperoo. And Now the kid can't stop bouncing! Constantly, constantly bouncing. Glad she loves it so much! 

Lastly, she has *almost* gotten her foot in her mouth twice. Centimeters away and she gives up. I guess this means I should clip her toenails more often.... #AwesomeApril goals for this last week went largely unaccomplished. Review them here

Walking the baby was out of the question with the SNOW. I managed to finish my two books Jellicoe Road and A Thousand Gifts, so look for possible book reviews in the future! I also ate more sugar than I wanted because Hubby was trying to convince me to relax. Eating well, much less clean, is always a little harder when he is on days off because then we both just want to relax and kick back. We did still manage to work out; I only missed one day of both the daily blend in the morning and a Body Gospel workout. I picked up where I left off the next day, but now I am set back by a day. So! That being said, here are the new week's goals, much the same as last week...

1. Continue to alternate APY60 and Body Gospel workouts
2. 5 'real' pushups daily (stemmed from Hubby making fun of my girlie pushups)
3. 15 pound kettlebell swings at the gym

1. Eat healthy snacks! (I am generic with this because it still isn't a good habit)
2. Cut out High Fructose Corn Syrup wherever possible
3. Use the rest of my Shakeology (2 dinners)

1. Read a chapter of the Bible daily (I totally accomplished this goal from last week, making it to 2 Corinth          10. Reading the Message NT straight through)
2. Write out my 1000 gifts daily, 2 minimum
3. Pray before every meal and bedtime (trying to make it a habit now to teach Baby Girl good habits!! Good for me too :))

1. Finish reading Age of Miracles
2. Begin organizing my Compassion binder

What are your goals for this week? For April??

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