Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Healing Balm for an Aching Heart

Welcome Friends,

After a long stroller walk today, I decided to simply sit in the driveway and soak up the day's remaining rays. Birds were singing, kids were laughing, and Baby Girl was content.

I started watching the kids down the street play with their brand new roller skates, laughing and wobbling around on chicken legs. I knew just what was going to happen to these roller skating newbies. Sure enough, one girl comes flying out of their driveway. I could tell by the way her legs were too far apart..and she was going to fast...I wanted to call out to her...

She bit the dust. Big time. Face first, right into the gravel of a street that hasn't yet been swept.

My mama heart wanted to run and gather her in a big hug as I heard the inevitable and instant cries. Where was her mother??

Ah, there she is, walking slow with another baby on her hip. But... then that mama stopped right at the edge of the yard....and then suddenly a heart wrenching cry from the lips of a broken girl:

"Why are you laughing at me?!"

OH! My heart cringes just to hear it still! The depths of pain, misery, betrayal

Now, my purpose is not to condemn the busy mother, but to camp here and identify with this crying child. 
Because how many times have we been that girl?? Bleeding from multiple wounds, lying miserably in the street, alone and desperately crying out for love. For a hug. Others may be on the sidelines laughing, even jeering at our pain. Our closest friends, even family, may fall away.  

And as I sat watching this sad scene unfold, it hit me, like a lightening bolt from the Spirit:

God will never leave me OR forsake me (Deut. 31:6)

God will never laugh at my pain; He has been there, felt that.

When I am hurt, rejected, alone, God is my Rock (2 Sam 22:3); He is my ever present Help (Psalm 46:1). He is our one Constant Companion.

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Often, when I am in pain, I turn and rage at God, "Why am I alone? Why do I hurt so bad??" But God is running to me with open aching arms. My burning heart can heal here safe! He is not mocking my pain from some far away Throne. He is HERE, whispering my name, bringing comfort with His very presence. 

Oh Lord, I pray that I remember these words, may they stick to my heart like glue. I can feel You here, comforting me, surrounding me, and I don't want to leave. Sit, stay, breathe Your Strength, Your Perfect Love. Thank You Father, Thank You.

I pray the same for all who read these words, that you too may feel His overwhelming comfort today and find refuge from the mocking grins. Camp here in the Lord, our Sheltering Rock. 

Q: Have you ever felt this way? What verses comforted you? How can I pray for you today?

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  1. Great post--beautiful insight!

  2. What a beautiful post! I try to remember "He will never leave nor forsake you." It's never Him that leaves, but me that 'feels' alone. Stopping in from Fellowship Fridays!!

    1. Exactly! This is a feeling I NEED to get rid of!

  3. Thank you for the comfort today!

  4. Oh so true! Love this a million times over. It is hard as a mom to show that love to our kids, as it is part of our calling to reflect the love of the Father. Luckily there is grace in the moments when I fail on that front. But knowing that He never fails, there is real comfort.

    Thanks for sharing with Cozy Reading Spot!


    1. Beautiful insight Marissa! Thank the Lord that we are human and He is not! :)

  5. Dear Alyssa,

    Thanks for visiting me from the Cozy Book Hop. It's always a delight to connect with other Sisters In Christ!

    I really loved this piece. I think we all can relate to it. I would love for you to share your inspirational writing - and whatever else touches your heart - at my Inspire Me Monday party at Create With Joy!

    I also host Friendship Friday - come join us!

    Create With Joy


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