Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BVW #3

Hello Friends!

I apologize for a late post yet again. I had my Bible verse ready to go, but after the events of the last week, I decided I need to change it. So here is your Bible Verse Wednesday for May 22 2013!

This past week the family was dealt two big blows. Something my sister Rachel had her heart waiting for, was crushed and taken away. Perhaps it will be restored, but perhaps not. It was a blessing while she got to hold it. 

Then, a fellow business friend of my Hubby's passed away. The coincidental part was that I met the man hours before he died. I met his mother. I met one of his sons. And then that evening, he breathed his last. It has shaken the community my Hubby works in. It has shaken Hubby and me. We don't know if the man was a Christian or not. Personally, it has open our eyes to a more eternal view of this world. 

Along with a host of other mundane life problems.........I need a good thing. My sister needs a good thing. My hubby needs a good thing. The man's family needs a good thing! 

This verse is a healing salve. "Those who seek the Lord.." I will seek the Lord. I have been promised that if I seek Him, I will find Him. If I seek HIM, I will lack no good thing. Peace, hope, patience, love, kindness...those are all good things that can be mine if I seek the Lord. 

Are you in the same boat? Is your life crazy right now? Are you being dealt some hard blows? The Bible does not lie: SEEK THE LORD! Seek the Lord and receive all the good things He has to offer. 

What other verses comfort you during tough times??


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