Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BVW.2 plus Baby Update!

Hello World!

This is my It's-Still-Wednesday Wednesday post! I will share this week's Bible verse first so that if you don't want to see pictures of a cute baby, you don't have too. But that would be pretty odd. Also, check out the first installment over here.So here it is:

This right here is some good stuff. David was being hunted down by Saul at this time. He spent the first part of Psalm 57 lamenting, scared, anxious, questioning. But then, in usual David fashion, he suddenly turned his attention back to the Lord singing praises. I was having a down in the dumps day when I stumbled upon this verse, and I knew just what I needed to do to turn it around like David did---worship. Crank it up and sing!

"Father, I sing your praises, marveling at your works. Let my songs awaken the dawn to sing with me! Everywhere I will worship You!!"


And now an abrupt change to Baby Girl! 

A lot has changed since our six month birthday. Well, that is probably just me talking as a mom. Baby Girl is now eating oatmeal, avocado and carrots like a pro. Sweet potatoes have been introduced but she is not liking them so far, which is a big bummer for me since I recently discovered how much I love them! 

She is now sitting completely on her own and we have had very few falling over incidents. This kid was pretty much born to sit, becoming a fan before she was even three months! Also, she is now a foot chewing pro! Nothing can stop her! 

The only other 'big' developmental change is she started to say the 'D' sound, so 'da da' is quite common and I even heard a 'daddy' once! Speaking of which, she is ENAMORED with her daddy. When she sees him walk into a room she just lights up and starts flailing even more than usual. Daddy IS pretty awesome, but it sure is setting a spike of jealousy in me! Besides Daddy, her other favorite toys of the moment include her first Ipad app and measuring cups. 

One last picture for the road: 

Thanks for stopping by the CSA! See you again Friday for FMF!!

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