Monday, April 22, 2013

#AwesomeApril Updates


It's time for an #awesomeapril update! Make sure to check out my original post here!!

So, jumping right into it! It was a week of hit or miss! On the spiritual side of things I have been reading more than a chapter from the Message every day (go me!), and I have been pretty good at writing out my 1000 gifts each day. I haven't, however, been very faithful at remembering to pray before each meal with Baby Girl. This is a habit I really want to develop now so that I can instill it in her as a good habit as she grows up. My Fitness Goals?? Epic fail. I missed about three days in a row of working out because I actually managed a social calendar :) I also, then, didn't eat as well as I would have wanted the last three days. But! I have done really well at cutting out HFCS! It is in some things I wouldn't expect (Ritz crackers) but not in things I would expect (peanut m&ms). Lastly, I finished my book, Age of Miracles, which I highly recommend to everyone!! 

Without any further delay, the new weekly goals!:

1. Continue reading through the Bible daily
2. Pray before meals and bedtime until it is a habit!
3. Try Bible mediation at least once (I used to better at this before baby, so time to add it back in!)

1. Continue to alternate APY60 and Body Gospel
2. 5 'real' pushups daily
3. 15 pound kettlebell swings (managed this 1x last week, because I only made it to the gym 1x!!)

1. Choose all whole grain foods (bagels, breads, flour..)
2. Continue cutting out HFCS
3. Try out a healthy dessert recipe!

1. Go to (in)RL on Saturday. Eep. 
2. Try my hand at "glass etching"

As a note, before I go, I would like to recommend a resource to you. I have been following along with Donielle Baker's Sugar Detox Challenge e-book. I received it for free after signing up for her emails over at Naturally Knocked Up. Instead of going cold turkey on the sugar, I am taking it week by week, slowly cutting out bad products. So, as seen in my food goals section, I cut out HFCS, but perhaps I still had a Kashi brand chocolate chip cookie, which contains sugar yes, but not HFCS. In this way, I can still 'get my fix' but am slowly working towards my goal of no junk food. I recommend you download this e-book as well and jump on board!! 

Got any #AwesomeApril goals?? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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