Monday, April 8, 2013


Bonjour Bloges,

Well seeing as it is the second week of April I thought it would be the perfect time to share my April goals with you ;) I am following along with Awkward Girl Gets Fit and my Hello Exercise Tribe on Facebook! Give it a search and ask to join!

My #AwesomeApril Month Goals:

*Workout 3-4 times a week
    -Alternate APY 60 and Body Gospel workouts
    -Daily Blend (part of the APY60 program. 10 minute wake up routine)

*No junk food
*Healthier choices when eating out
*Move to all wheat products

*Finish Second Corinthians via The Message

Now specifically, for this week (April 8-14th) these are my goals:

1. Continue to alternate APY & BG
2. Brisk walk with Baby 2-3x this week (weather permitting). One down already!!
3. Use 15 lbs for biceps and 12.5 for triceps all week at the Y

1. Make 1 recipe from either APY or BG nutrition guide
2. Use Shakeology to replace 3 more dinners this week
3. Eat healthy snacks (apples, whole wheat popcorn, smoothies)

1. Read Second Corinthians 1, 2, & 3
2. Write out my 1000 gifts challenge daily, 2 minimum
3. Pray before every meal and before bedtime Oops.

I also have a personal goal of finishing the 2 books I am reading this week!

As you can see my weekly goals expand upon my broader monthly goals, but I feel that they help me keep a good focus on each area.

Join me and HelloExercise for the month of April! Subscribe to follow my progress :)

Have a great day folks! Time to go read!!............jk..........change a poopy diaper.


  1. Girl, I love you already, I too love my sugar, desserts are def the best part of the meal! Right now I just started a little diet to trim down for swimsuit season, so I am trying to live healthier too! I love that you included your spiritual goals along with your physical ones, it really does go hand in hand! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Dinner just doesn't feel over until some chocolate is eaten!! Hmm...maybe it is time for a new motto! :D I am not even thinking about swimsuits right now. ugh.
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. You have a ton of food/exercise related goals on there! We're sugar free this month so stop by my blog if you need some new food ideas as I'll be posting recipes as I make them.

    1. Yummmm! Sounds great and can't wait to give them a try!

  3. Great goals! I love how you break them down from the monthly - for me, it's so much easier when they're small and easy to check off =]

    1. I love making lists so that helps :) I am not sure I will continue to do so many weekly goals after the #AwesomeApril challenge is over, but I will continue to make monthly goals and post them here!


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