Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Goals Update

Hello my Bloggy

So at the beginning of the month I decided to set 10 Goals to keep me motivated in the month of September.  It was the first time I had ever tried something like that........and it didn't go so great.

Here was the List as a refresher. Updates are added in BOLD
1. Continue reading through the New Testament in the Message. At LEAST one chapter every day with breakfast. I was 3/4 way through Luke. I have probably only missed 3 days. I went from Luke to Acts, back to John and have been reading slowly Romans. Romans is simply fascinating in the Message!

2. Finish 5 books. I read 3 and am 47% through my fourth. This one bums me out; I love reading and wish this had come easier this month

3. Continue meal planning to work out a system that works best for Hubby and I. I would say that this one is accomplished. We sit down every Sunday night and write out meals for the week and assemble the grocery list. We write it on a whiteboard that we keep on the fridge.

4. Continue Bible verse memorization. I actually slacked off on this one :(( I kept the same verses, Lamentations 3:21-23, for several weeks. I am marking it off today and setting a brand new one for next week. Back on the bandwagon!

5. Start adding a 10 minute work out routine to my mornings. Yeah...didn't do this one at all. I just started adding a leg workout just this week. I have done it 3x with a walk on a fourth day. 

6. "Ground" Husband at least once every other week if need be for some US time. Didn't accomplish this one either. It would be great, but it involves having Hubby on board and he doesn't really keep an open schedule!! 

7. Organize desk space.  I didn't actually organize it yet, but I did have it cleaned and cleared off several times. Doesn't that count??

8. Work on upstairs living space to make more 'homey'. We did! We bought another 5-shelf bookshelf and discovered that our previous plan wouldn't work. Hubby drafted up a new plan idea. Now we just need to sit down and finalize the new idea. And find a chair(s) that we both like and can afford!!

9. Complete ONE Pinterest craft! I will call this one also accomplished. I didn't actually make a Pinterest CRAFT, but I did try a new cookie recipe! I will share that delicious-ness later this week. I do also have an easy artwork craft I found on Pinterest scheduled for later this week. 

10. Stay on top of cheerleading projects and 'to-do'. This one has been hard for me as well. Seems like every single day brings up yet another thing to do, person to email, or message to send out. Sheesh! My calender is getting booked with just cheerleading! Two things I should have accomplished by now, I still have yet to do. Boo. 

So......four and a half accomplished?? Bummer. Not the greatest way to start off goal setting each month. I am not planning on giving up though. For October I am hoping to set more specific goals and learn from what I did this past month. I am also thinking I will use my Fall Bucket List as a guide. I am setting my October goals tonight hopefully and sharing them with you soon!

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