Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Husband Project Final

Hello Bloggy!!

Well, it is time for me to draw a close to the Husband Project. In my last post about the Husband Project, I discussed three projects I wanted to accomplish for sure so let me regale you on that account first!

For project #17, the one involving his went interestingly. I snuck out and got his car washed at the closest Holiday gas station and also ran to Subway for a $15 gift card (he really likes to get their breakfast sandwiches). I wrote a little note and stuck the card inside, leaving it in his cup holder. I also threw away all the trash and junk that seems to so rapidly accumulate in his car. I was so proud of myself for being super sneaky and getting this 'bigger' project accomplished. 

But lo, luck was not with me. Apparently, the next morning when he tried to pull out of the driveway, he discovered he had a flat tire!! So much for him having a nice, shiny car to take to work! Much drama ensued to be sure, and unfortunetly he didn't find the gift card until the next day. He also didn't mention it until about two days later when I couldn't stand it any more and asked. Sigh. Not exactly how I wanted that project to go down. But this was a good one I will keep in my back pocket to do over and over again. 

I will skip telling you about project #12 ;0) but rather move on to H.P. #9. We didn't get to our 'big project' (finishing our living space project), but instead worked on something more meaningful together. As part of our 'Bible study' group, we were to complete a spiritual gifts assessment for ourselves than ask 2-3 people closest to us to complete it for us as well. So we spent one evening answering the questions for each other and then went on a lovely walk to discuss our answers. It felt really romantic to be able to connect with each other and be able to have a good, long, healthy discussion about something so important. CHECK! ..........But I'm still going to try and get him to work on a puzzle with me :)

I also completed Husband Project #21 "Car Chases and Karate Chops" by spending an afternoon (wait...we had an afternoon off...together....alone?!?!?!) watching Captain America on Netflix. We ate ice cream and snuggled and were completely lazy together and it felt GREAT. 

And for project number 15 "What Not to Wear", I bought myself some new more 'mature' slippers (though still freaking adorable I must add!). I haven't had the guts to through out my pink fuzzy slippers yet...........only time will tell. 

The only project I still haven't really managed to schedule time for is #19 or "The Service here is Excellent". I do have a great plan for it, but can't seem to find the time. I also wanted to buy new bed sheets for us (we still don't even own a comforter {!!!}, but mostly because living on a third floor apartment meant I could wear short sleeves and even shorts around the house all day. Maybe we will finally need one this winter!), but that is something Hubby would probably get upset about if I went without him. He likes picking out good comfy things. The problem is actually getting him to Target!! 

And those were my Husband Projects!! This book was sooooooooooooo practical and I would recommend it to anyone. As I read each challenge, I took notes in my journal about several possible ideas for each one, so I still have lots of great ideas left to bless my Hubby with. It is also something that I hope to return to again and again, always updating my ideas list and looking for more awesome ways to love on my Hubby. The Husband Project also really challenged me to learn to love my husband even when I don't WANT to love him. If I stuck with it faithfully, I am sure it would continue softening my heart towards him. 

So, again I say "Read the Husband Project!!" Super easy AND fun!! Good luck all!

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