Monday, August 12, 2013


I hope you have all heard of Unblogger by Darrell Vesterfelt. I hope I am the last person to have heard of it. Why? Because everyone needs to read it!!

To many of us, myself definitely included, find ourselves struggling, growing discontent and discouraged in this world of blogging. As Darrell explains, we put blogging ahead of our story, when we should be putting our story ahead of blogging. Doing it the wrong way can cause us to manipulate our lives into something we just aren't. We are then just opening the door to frustration.

Thus, we should stop this craziness of stats, platforms, and followers. We should all walk away, pause the calendar, and get back to LIFE. Let's let LIFE lead us back to writing and blogging. And no one more than me.

This is me: "I thought if I could just figure out what I was going to do with my life I would feel better...Looking back I realize part of my mistake was I didn't need a big dream to have a calling. Life was my calling." (Unblogger, emphasis mine.)

I've been blogging awhile and I've tried all the ''secrets to success''--commenting, responding to comments, link ups, Twitter parties, the works. For 3 years. And it has never worked. I was chasing a dream, not my calling. I struggled to find my place, to find my niche.

Vesterfelt explains how our ''first calling is to live with meaning. We're called to this before we're called to write.'' I was trying to write/blog and then live. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram have slowly and quietly snuck into my dreams. I have arranged life around blogging. I have strived for find meaning in every 'mundane' moment just to show the world: HEY! I can do this! I fit in!!

But I don't. I am a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I want to be an unblogger.

UNBLOGGER: someone who does more than follow the formulas of blogging success, someone who longs to live a story worth telling in front of others. ...not really a blogger at all, (just someone) who lives a life of meaning and then just happens to write about it. (Unblogger quote)

What does this mean for me?
I am going to put my calling, ''life'', first. I love blogging, so I won't be quitting :)) But I'm hoping to make my homes more me slowly but surely. I'm only going to share things that I think are fun, interesting, helpful to me. My posts probably won't fit the mold of other faith and mommy blogs. I want to be more honest and real with myself. I want my blog to be an extension of me, and not me being an extension of my blog.

BUT! I also get the world isn't about just ME (so sad). Thus I will be introducing a new bi-monthly feature: fantastic other bloggers!! Yay! There is so much in this life I will never be an expert at, but I can direct you to some great writers who do know it all better than me :))

What does this mean for you?
Well. Hi mom!! :D It probably won't change much for you devoted few. My posting schedule will probably remain horrifically sporadic. And also probably a bit crazed. I'm an eclectic girl who has nothing figured out, yet wants to share life and awesomeness with the world, with you. I would adore you to come along on this wild ride. Heck! If you want to provide some track for me to lay down, I will gladly follow!! But if these words are merely thrown into empty cyberspace, well then: HELLO CYBERSPACE! Somewhere out there God is trying to grab my attention (of which I have my eyes squeezed shut and ears plugged) and I will find Him, grab His hand, and walk along, making crazy stories together. Just Me. Him. And Cyberspace.

P.S. Read Unblogger

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