Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GROW Linkup!

Hello loveys!

GROW is a brand new linkup started by these lovely ladies:

Kelsey from Faith, Fun and the Fergusons
Faith from Artistic 31 Mama (soon to be Artistic Hands of Faith)
Melissa from Numbering Our Days

Vanessa from Hearts on Guard

GROW is an acronym designed to help us study scripture.

GROW in His Word

Check out my own pinnable graphic HERE.

Each Tuesday these lovely ladies will give us a verse. We then have a whole week to meditate on it before sharing our thoughts on it the next Tuesday. Here is an example post from Kelsey @ Faith, Fun and the Fergusons. This week's verse was 2 Timothy 3:16: "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness."

God's Word is alive, active, relevant to my life and the world. There are verses to lead me, verses to reveal my rebellion, verses to guide me back to the path, and verses to lead me into righteousness and holiness before God.

I need to take advantage of this free and loving gift, to wrap my arms about it and hold it so close it melds into my body, heart, soul. 

I am looking for guidance in my life. I am reading through Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. I'm struck with how I am the ''crazy, desperate'' mom model. I thought this was normal! And of course they are talking about mentorships and mom groups, but as I think about this verse, I see how the teaching I'm looking for can be found right in my Bible. Bibles are so accessible these days. I have about 80 in my house and then of course the one I use the most is the one on my phone :/

Then there is the part of me that sees what I read and feel overwhelming pressure to do it all. To live right, avoid sin, exude God's love and peace, raise Godly children. It's then I need the rebuking and correcting that God provides. I'm not meant to do it all or wait til I have it together. I need merely be still, accept Jesus, and let Him do the work for me. He already has.

I need to learn to slow my pace, work on one thing at a time, as it were, until its fully learned. Training is like teaching, but tempered by correction and the leading of God. To stop, slow down, and train myself in righteousness til patience, kindness, gentleness are first nature. Yet keeping in mind Who is really in charge and Who I surrender my obedience too. 

As Paul teaches Timothy, all Scripture is God-breathed. This means living and active and relevant. Each verse a treasure trove of God wisdom waiting to find a home in my heart. I pray I can keep the Word a priority and let it teach, rebuke, correct, and train me. 

What are your thoughts on 2 Timothy 3:16? Is Scripture real and relevant in your life??

And MAKE SURE TO LINK UP! It's open all week! :)


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