Friday, August 9, 2013

FMF: Lonely

Happy Friday, most lovely friends!

Today is that special day of the week: Five Minute Friday!! Every week Lisa Jo Baker sends out a one word writing prompt. We, the masses, then have 5 minutes to write on that word! No thinking, no editing, and no looking back. 

I love FMF because I just get to heart and brain dump and share that mess with a giant FMF loving community! I hope you will jump in as well!!

This week the word is: LONELY.


Lonely is what I have been for a lot of my life. After high school, all but one of my closest friends drifted away naturally. College was a weird time, and long story short none of those friends really stuck either. I came back home and spent a tough year at home. Alone. Without my husband as he got to tour Iraq. 

I made new military wives. Insta-bond formed over our missing husbands. But what really held us together was them. And when they came back, relationships fell apart and changed, and we were all left alone again. 

Making friends after that was tough. I went to a church that didn't have any young adults beside me and Hubby. "Older" women didn't have time for a new friend as they ran after flocks of children or grandchildren. Then we went to a super large church FULL of young adults, but it was hard to get plugged in and find the sweet spot. 

Seven years of my life lonely for a great friend. I still don't have that one real life friend whom I can trust and call on and live life completely with. I have some friends though and I am hoping it can cultivate into something awesome. 

Through it all, God was there. I would struggle with loneliness again and again only to be reminded again and again that God is with me. Emmanuel. I was never on my own. Times were tough but Emmanuel. Maybe I was home alone again but Emmanuel. Even if my fears were realized and I was alone forever, Emmanuel. I would cling to that promise and find the joy in it. All I need, all we need is Emmanuel. Not husbands, not friends, not new shoes, not decorated houses, not books, not sugar, not air, not life. All worthless without Emmanuel. 


Thanks for stopping by The Christian Sugar Addict!

Consider visiting next week when I will discuss some more painful truths, some gritty details, and how I am trying to work through my loneliness to find Emmanuel.

Five Minute Friday

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