Thursday, August 1, 2013

FMF: Story

Happy Friday, most lovely friends!

Today is that special day of the week: Five Minute Friday!! Every week Lisa Jo Baker sends out a one word writing prompt. We, the masses, then have 5 minutes to write on that word! No thinking, no editing, and no looking back. 

I love FMF because I just get to heart and brain dump and share that mess with a giant FMF loving community! I hope you will jump in as well!!

This week the word is: STORY


Somewhat ironic that this word was chosen this evening. I spent a large chunk of my day today contemplating what story I am telling with my life. Prompted by Unblogger, I am evaluating my life in relation to the blogging world. Do I tell my story for my blog, or do I write my blog for my story??

What is my story? My life. But is it a good one? What kind of main character am I writing myself to be? Am I one of those main characters who is all 'me me me' or do I remember my good BFF and lend a hand?  Am I a good mother or one of those non-existent parents so prevalent in YA fiction?

God has written a story for my life. But will I like it? Will I ignore it? I feel like I am trapped in one of those choose-your-own ending books. I wish I could pick up an eraser and erase the parts of my character that I don't like as easily as I stamp out bad tasting words on my paper. Good bye bad temper! Good bye extra weight!

Or create my persona based on the interweb. Fantastic crafting skills, type that in! Always seeing God's hand behind every corner of life?? Oh yeah!! Add that bit in! Online we can craft and type and finagle ourselves to be anyone. But I am more desperate for life. Real life. My real story.I want my blog to be an extension of me, and not me becoming an extension of my blog.

What story will my life tell??


Thanks for stopping by The Christian Sugar Addict!

Consider visiting next week when I will discuss some painful truths, some gritty details, and how I am trying to figure out my story.
Five Minute Friday

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