Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Girl Update :)

Baby Child is now 10 months old!! One more step closer to 12 months! EEP!

Getting photos of her this month was tough as she kept trying to throw herself off the couch. Thanks to her daddy for teaching her that one. 

Well she is a crawling, yelling, standing, eating fiend. Sometimes she fusses over eating with a spoon and only wants finger foods so I am having a stressful time trying to find a safe variety of foods for her. No hubby, peanut butter toast is not okay. 

She is getting smarter and smarter. Baby Girl recognizes 'eat' and 'more' in sign, but still refuses to do them back. Once I do the sign, she gets excited and then goes into whinny mode til she gets her 'more'. We watch Baby Signing Times 1-2x a week together.

Another sign she is growing up: she has been wanting to put herself down for her naps and bedtimes. But only sometimes. So suffice it to say, naps and bedtimes have been a bit stressful for me lately. I never know when she wants to put herself down, and when she doesn't, she resists like the devil. 

Baby Child is making friends left and right. She loves other kids and babies and tries to hand them toys and smack them on the face out of love. I am glad she already has a little 'network' of friends, a little boy younger than her and a girl older than her and yet the same size. I am also looking at a MOPS group and mom's group at a local church where hopefully she can make more friends. 

Next month I am going into full out birthday planning mode because I won't be able to wait much longer :))

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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