Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Girl 9 Month Update!

So happy to see you all!!

Today I just want to share my lovely child, who turned 9 MONTHS on Monday! Wow! Such a big kid :)

The last update I gave on Baby Girl was her seven month updated! Whoops! Well as you can imagine, a lot has changed since then. She is eating all sorts of foods and foods mixed together (she was actually a fan of Nana-cado!), but she has also started eating puffs. Oh. My. Goodness. The puffs. She is a puff eating fiend. She can go crazy for those things! I also introduced her to some organic yogurt melts I bought at Target and although I find them disgusting, Baby Girl loves them! 

Baby Girl also has her first tooth poking through but not all the way grown yet. As you might imagine, this made for some tough times around the household. It wasn't as bad as I suppose it could have been. I found it mostly frustrating because I couldn't find a solution that helped relieve her pain beyond Tylenol. I tried everything: cold chew toys and not cold chew toys just got throw across the room, the frozen washcloth was too cold, she didn't want to chew on my finger wrapped in a towel, and other soft items also seemed disfavorable to say the least. If I turn desperate during the next tooth, I might spring for an amber necklace. I would hate for it not to work after spending money on it though.

 Baby Girl is also CRAWLING!! Eep! She was army crawling for about 2 weeks, but never going far just toy to toy in the living room. And then she got all the way up to hands and knees, and then in one morning she realized she could go anywhere. Just like that. Hubby and I ran out that day for a baby gate! We still have to do some minor baby proofing. For instance some of the kitchen cupboards' childs locks are not functioning properly so we want to replace them. Luckily for now she ignores them. Crawling also means I have to vacuum daily because she now tries to pick up any and every piece of dirt or food found on the floor!

Because of her new found freedom, Baby Girl has also discovered how to pull herself up on furniture. Crawling over to mommy and daddy and clinging to their legs is a favorite pasttime. She isn't cruising yet, mostly she just wants to pull up to bounce or eat the couch cushion. 

Favorite toys right now are not many. Most toys are cast aside in favor of standing and crawling. We still love the jumperoozie and I think that is one of the best purchases I have ever made! She also has a fondness for a Lucky Bear care bear I used as a kid and the one dolly we seem to own. Noting that this is me, a girly girl, how do we only have one dolly?? But really that is all she needs. Every now and then I see her put Lucky or Dollie up against her face and I wonder if she is trying to hug them or kiss them. SO CUTE. 

Other toys she has given a passing interest in include a whip cream container, her orange and yellow ball, and the Barnyard Dance book which mommy eventually had to take away because she was eating the cover to pieces. 

Can't wait to see what this month has in store!!

Have you ever tried an amber necklace? What other teething remedies have you tried? 

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