Thursday, July 11, 2013

FMF: Present

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Today our word is PRESENT.


So. When I see this word, I most definitely think of this:

I think of all the presents I have received or given, or not given, or forgotten.

Then what comes to mind is the best present of all: JESUS. And even though I know he is the best present of all, I forget it. How often I forget it.

My baby girl discovered the rest of the house this past week. Once week in fact. One week of my entire world changing. I now need to vacuum daily, baby proof EVERYTHING, and can never shower again unless she is napping. Life is stressful. Oh lordy.

Of course crawling is exhausting as well, so any semblance of a schedule is gone. Out the window. Vamoose! My days are now one endless loop of fighting with Baby Girl to get her to sleep, feed her again, entertain her until naptime, and fight her again. Blah. Boo. Poo.

Jesus as my greatest gift is gone. Out the window. Vamoose! My brain is filled with mindless, stressful, angry things. And I have forgotten Him. Forgotten the One who never forgot me. Turned my back on the One who never turned His back on me.

And motherhood is HARD. But not accepting the present of His presence is even harder. And I am exhausted.

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  1. Alyssa, friend! It is a hard time... and each transition has its unique struggles. Motherhood is hard. Heck, life is hard. The key is to always go back to Him. I keep my bible handy, out in the open, and reminders of Him throughout the house - hanging on the walls, or whatever... it helps to bring my focus back to Him when I'm in the midst of those mama struggles. Love and peace to you :)

    1. I think I need to gather up some Bibles to keep in each room of the house. I keep my fave one downstairs in my 'study spot', but lets face it: I hardly make it down there anymore unless for laundry!
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

  3. Alyssa, I'm right there with ya with a wee one learning how to crawl and taking over EVERYTHING and I know it's hard! Hang in there! It's a good reminder to me, that Jesus is present with me in each part of that - even as I struggle to be present to him... most of our conversations these days are about poo, sleep, and life, but even so, He's present.

    1. Wonderful words of encouragement. I should keep in mind that even though I am talking to Jesus about poo, it is still talking to Him!!

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    2. Thanks for leaving your link! I love to return comments!!

  5. Boy do I remember those days! You will get through them!

    I do the same, forget to turn to Him, forget that He is there waiting for me to turn back to Him.

    Praying that things get back into a routine for you!

    PS.....I used to always buckle by boy into his car seat and set him in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. :)

    1. THANK YOU! I need some good mommy tips! Feel free to share more of that mommy wisdom! :)


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