Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hound Dog

This is going to be a fun blog link up! Reading everyone's 'bad boy' character will be quite interesting :)

I wasn't quite sure who to pick so I went back to the beginning, my beginning:: Lestat de Lioncourt. Lestat is one of the sexy vampires of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. And well, honestly? I fell in love with him from the Queen of the Damned  movie. We watched it once a week in high school. No. I am not exaggerating. 

While Lestat was something marvelous, they didn't call him the "Brat Prince" for nothing. He did, however, lead me to what I remember as my first 'bad boy' crush: Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake Chronicles
Pause for deliciousness. 
Vampire. Master of the City of St. Louis. 400-600 years old. Owner of several nightclubs and strip clubs. He is powerful and strong and deliciously beautiful. 

I fell in love with Anita Blake and her boys almost instantly. Anita is a vampire hunter and also a necromancer. She is well versed in guns and hand to hand combat, an excellent strong female character. Jean Claude is part of her triumvirate, and on numerous occasions, her lover.

Jean-Claude while sincere in his interest in Anita, is manipulative and ruthless, always trying to gain status and power in the vampire world, the extreme bad boy of the fantasy world. 

As much as Jean Claude was completely irresistible, the series unfortunately was not. The books grew widely inappropriate (Jean-Claude is an incubus after all) and so I had to quit reading after book four or five. 

Have you read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series? Team Jean-Claude or Team Richard??

***Challenge Post: Summer Flings
Here would be my summer fling:
 Damon Salvatore

OR put together...
 The Salvatore Brothers

OR Let's Be REAL...

For my your viewing pleasure!


  1. YAY for Ten! Can't disagree with that :) Plus, a trip in the TARDIS!

    Great post :)

    Jess @

    1. A trip in the TARDIS has to be everyone's dream come true! I wonder where I would go....where would you go??

  2. Stefan....yummmmm...So much better then Damon! #TeamStefan

    My Day 6 post

    1. EEp! I think Damon is hotter, but Stefan is probably 'right' for Elena. More Damon for me then :D

  3. Damon is the ultimate summer fling - but I suppose you could throw Stefan in there too. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. Damon's skin isn't as nice as Stefan's ;) If you look closely it's not as smooth. Plus, Stefan has magic eyebrows ;) (read that in an episode recap once). I am seriously addicted to TVD and cannot wait for next season!

    1. inrl Ian is older than Paul, so the skin thing: totally get it. I just haven't always been a fan of Stefan's character development. "I was bad, now I'm good, but now I am bad again, can I ever be good??" Damon knows who he is and I like that :)
      I can't wait to catch up on this past season!!!

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