Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Bingo Blog

Folks. I did it. I blacked out my Bingo board.

The scariest part for me was the book rainbow. Most of my books are white and black it seems! Or ....dare I upset a lot of you??...ebooks. GASP. I have waaaay too many ebooks. But I managed to pull off all the colors without touching Baby Girl's books. So Proud. In fact. We will do that first. Please indulge me and say "oooo fascinating!" Thank you :)

Back to my Bingo Board...
Going straight across.

  • The first book I read was Valor (review pending over at Sunrise Avenue). 
  • You can find 2 of my challenge posts here and a separate post here.
  • I tweeted @_RaTCentral_  probably too often :)
  • Here is the tweet about what I was reading: "Trying my hand reading Dorothea Benton Frank. Folly Beach inrl is beautiful!! " (ps I am @am_zech)
Next Row:
  • Eat something sweet? Duh. It's me.
  • A picture of something I love: 
    Chocolate via my instagram (@amzech18)
  • I shared a favorite author with Read-a-thon Central on Facebook:
For the Bingo!!::I haven't been huge on following certain authors, but I do have 1 that I've been a fan of since 8th grade: Terry Brooks. I love his epic fantasy world and can't get enough!!

  • Picture of the book I am reading..and my coffee...and Greased Lightening :)

via Instagram
Of course I checked out all the host blogs! Multiple times! I read all the author interviews and I really enjoyed reading their take on the participation posts. 

I was outside reading and walking with Baby Girl a lot this week. Sorry its sideways :((
  • And last but not least-a picture of my fave snack while reading. Lately. Trying to stay away from the aforementioned chocolate. 


And, even more amazing......I made it through this post! WHEW!

Night ya'll!

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