Thursday, July 25, 2013

FMF: Broken

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Time for Five Minute Friday. I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker. Today our word is BROKEN!

Because of some craziness on Lisa's blog, we are sharing our FMF posts on her Facebook Page. Hope everyone can follow along! 


Broken. Broken. Broken. Bleeding. Twisted. Open. 

Ugh. I can barely stand the thought of my Savior's body broken for me. I avoid it, I look away, I am unsure, I squirm, I cry, I deny, I wander. 

I am me. Blogger, mother, wife, coach, reader, Whovian, baker. All this amounts to just me. A tiny little soul here for the blink of an eye in a tiny little corner of a massive universe. There is nothing significant, there is nothing that stands out. I am a firm believer in Ecclesiastes; there is nothing new under the sun. 

Yet. Yet 2000 years ago, some guy named Jesus thought of me. His Dad had told him, "This tiny girl needs your help. She is lost and alone and needs a Hero. I want YOU to help her." And this Jesus replied, "Okay." And he let himself be betrayed by his best friends. He let himself be beaten bloody. And then he carried a wooden cross on his tired back up a hill, where he let himself be nailed to hang, broken. broken. twisted. open. 

Argh. My heart bleeds. My heart twists and can't contain the tears. The thought of it breaks, breaks breaks my heart open. And I cannot deny. And I cannot not cry. And I never want to wander again.  

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