Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Every New Mama Should Know

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Once a month the bloggin' gals from the (in)courage community group's new mama's group (aka(in)motherhood) join up together to blog about the same topic. This month our topic is "One thing that you think every new mama should know" or if you're a first time mother-to-be "Your biggest question about becoming a mom for the first time". If you're visiting from outside of the (in)motherhood group feel free to join in! We're happy to have you! Go to Hand Me Down Grace to see the link up!!

I was so unprepared to be a mother, scared to give away my selfish life and lose my beauty sleep. I tracked down every mom I knew for advice, how to do it, how to survive. Mostly I just heard "Sleep when baby sleeps". Ugh. How about I sleep when baby sleeps AND sleep when baby doesn't sleep?? (I was so naive!). So here is my list of advice I wish I had received before giving birth. 

1. Babies are boring. Yup. They don't like to play, much less help you scrapbook and discuss literature with you. Don't feel as if you should stare at your child ALWAYS. Let them hang out and go read a book/magazine/side of cereal box.

2. Don't have a 'plan'. Well, make a plan but do not be surprised if things don't go according to plan. Plan to give birth naturally, but hey, if you change your mind and get an epidural, no biggie! Baby is safe, you are safe, end of story. Plan on swaddling, but if baby absolutely hates it, don't keep forcing it on them! Let baby flail freely! She will be happier that way! It is OKAY when plans change! Go with the flow!!!

3. Don't stress about the dust bunnies. I just looked under my bed the other day.....and quietly backed away and have ignored it ever since. I used to LOVE vacuuming (strange I know) and could keep up with housework with my handy dandy color coordinated chore chart (one for monthly, weekly, and daily of course). But babies take up A LOT of time! I can't vacuum or empty the dishwasher when she is napping for fear of waking her up, but when she is awake I am feeding her, changing her, bathing her, entertaining her, and everything else under the sun. Let the housework slide. Watch an episode of "Hoarders" you will feel much better.

4. Take breaks. Frequent breaks. Know ahead of time that YES there are times it gets overwhelming being with this wailing child 24/7. Throw baby at hubby and run to Caribou. Put her in her pack n' play and watch Doctor Who on Netflix. Feed baby, then take a long shower. Sing loudly to drown out any lonely crying :) Don't feel mommy guilt about this. You may be a mom but you are still human and we all have limits. Please, please, please get out of the house every now and then. You will feel heaps better and thus, be able to love baby better!!
Let me know your best baby advice!! 

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  1. You so sound like me especially in the cleaning department. I mean really...Hoarders is way better than cleaning grout. Not that I ever cleaned grout, but you know hypothetically...This was great!


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