Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stitch Fix!

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I am not even sure the first time I heard of monthly subscription boxes, all I know is that I was instantly intrigued. What could possibly be more awesome than receiving gifts in the mail once a month?? I love the feeling of knowing there is a package on its way to my house. I let out a holler whenever I get some 'real' mail. It is sad how far and few that 'real' mail comes. Thus, I believe monthly subscription boxes were MADE for me!

notice those cute baby feet!!

I jumped on board with Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service sending you boxes full of clothing tailored to your tastes! This subscription was great for me. I have not always been 'with it' when it comes to fashion. I just don't care what the latest trend is! Most of the time I think the latest trend is ridiculous and looks horrible on me anyways. Plus now that I am a mother, I don't have the time I once did to go out shopping for new clothes. My body has completely changed from what it once was. I am not sure what fits me well anymore and my wardrobe has drastically shrunk! Having a personal stylist is such a blessing to me.

Once you are accepted you fill out a style profile, it is quite in-depth asking you questions about not only your size, but lifestyle and budget. Then you schedule your 'fix' and wait while your personal stylist chooses clothes they believe you will fall in love with. After receiving your box, you have three days to try everything on and decide what to keep and mail the rest back. You only have to pay for what you keep, but if you keep the whole box you receive 25% off.

Each time you get a box you can fill out a survey about how each item fit and whether you liked it or not. Thus, the next time you schedule a fix, they can further tailor the clothing choices to your size and style! Here is my first Stitch Fix items:
Small cross necklace, jeans, purple blouse, striped dolman shirt, and black cardigan

Attached to each item is a card with a description and pictures helping you visualize how best to wear it. 

This is the card that came attached to my black cardigan. I LOVE CARDIGANS! You can bet your bottom dollar I kept this item! I love these cards and plan on keeping them as a fun reference when I am stuck on what to wear. 

The only downside, for me, to Stitch Fix is the cost of the clothing. The jeans they sent me were $128! I hardly buy jeans costing more than $20. Hubby wouldn't even let me try them on. I probably would have kept all three shirts, but chose only two (the cardigan and striped dolman) because of the price. Obviously because of the higher cost, however, the clothing is better quality than I would ever by for myself at the local Kohl's. 

Also, although dubbed a monthly subscription box, you get to schedule when you receive a box! It can be once a month, every two months, etc. That is going to be awesome! Because I am super excited about it, and I need to beef up my wardrobe a little, I scheduled another fix for next month already, but after that I might go every two months to fit it in the budget better. 

Conclusion: check it out if you want to add some beautiful piece to your wardrobe without ever leaving your home.

Want to check out Stitch Fix yourself?? Click my link below and I will receive a $25 dollar credit! Thanks friend!!

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