Friday, February 22, 2013

My First FMF!

Welcome to my place Bloggers!

Well, this is it, I am jumping in eyes closed and nose plugged, naturally. I am joining the hubbub around Five Minute Fridays! Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker at The Gypsy Mama gives a word, and you just write about it for five minutes. No editing or forethought. Today actually happens to be more a of a topic: What My Mama Did. 


My mama. Wow. I sadly never appreciated her as much as I should have growing up. She was always a more 'behind the scenes' kind of woman. But I never would have gotten through life without her. She selflessly cleaned and cooked and baked and drove us everywhere and let us have too many guinea pigs. 

And then she got cancer. Twice. And I realized if she left, I would be completely lost. I got to admire her and see her true strength as she went through some crazy strong treatments. She handled it like a pro! I would have been crying and raging and hiding and running and general giving up. And she grew her faith. The strongest faith I have ever seen. 

"What good is faith??"

"It can only move mountains!"

How can a person be given such crazy blows and deal with such intimate cancers and still cling to Jesus stronger than ever? It is admirable, beyond admirable. Amazing. 

I hate cancer, but I love how it made me see my mom. Beautiful, strong, believing, wonderful. 

I am 25 and still rely on her way too much. She is MY mother. And I am so thankful for her. 


Five Minute Friday


  1. Um, whoa. That was unexpected! Thank you my lovely daughter! And now that you are a mama, you understand just how much I have always loved you!
    p.s. I STILL have a hard time saying no to guinea pigs!

  2. Welcome to Five-Minute Friday! It's a great place to hang out. :) Love this...what a beautiful relationship you have with your mama. Thank you for sharing! Blessings. :)

  3. Your Mom sounds AMAZING! I hate that sometimes it takes the hard things to step back and see how much we need our parents and appreciate them, but it's so good because then we can honor them more! And I'm 24 and a Mom myself now and feel the same way -- I need my Momma! :)

  4. Beautiful! What a testament to an amazing sounding woman.

    I let my kids have one guinea pig and it's one too many. :) I prefer the outdoor pigs. ;)

    Nice to meet you. So glad you joined in!!


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