Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Again, Blog Again, Jiggety Jog

Hello Blogging Community,

Me Again. It is strange how much I love blogs. A person can literally find a blog on anything: travel, cars, motherhood, religion, cooking, baking, fashion.....

What? I need advice on my marriage?? I don't Google, I blog.

Looking for advice on how to make baby food? Blog.

Not fashion forward but want some simple tips? You bet there is a blog for that!

I follow blogs on my Google reader, Twitter, Facebook, and email. Yet, somehow, I just can't seem to write a blog myself! What could I possibly bring to the table? I don't have beautiful words like the lovely Ann Voskamp and I am definitely not the powerhouse of Tsh Oxenreider. All I know is I think I need to try harder...well really try at all.

So bear with me Bloggy World as I attempt to blog again...and probably fall flat on my face. But if you promise to help me up when you are done laughing, I think I will be okay.

Stay tuned, I will be posting about some DELICIOUS chocolate cookies. But you really, really need to like chocolate. And you can't mind eating unhealthy every now and then :) Linked Up At: http://christianmommyblogger.com TheBetterMom.com

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