Friday, August 24, 2012

Ten Things Friday!!

Ten Goals for September

1. Continue reading through the New Testament in the Message.At LEAST one chapter every day with breakfast. (I am now 3/4 way through Luke)

2. Finish 5 books (I have fallen behind on reading and my 'to-read' pile is growing like crazy!)

3. Start adding a 10 minute work out routine to my mornings

4. Continue meal planning to work out a system that works best for Hubby and I

5. Continue Bible verse memorization.

6. "Ground" Husband at least once every other week if need be for some US time

7. Organize desk space

8. Work on upstairs living space to make more 'homey'

9. Complete ONE Pinterest craft!

10. Stay on top cheerleading projects and 'to-do's.

Got any goals for September??

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