Friday, August 31, 2012

Husband Project Check Up

Hello Bloggy,

About time I updated on my Husband Project, eh? Needless to say, it has been difficult keeping up. Hard to make your husband crispy ranch dressing chicken when he just got his wisdom teeth taken out. With a busy schedule (2 part time jobs), my 14 year old sister in law living with us for a while, a crazy dramatic divorce on Hubby's side of family, and continuously getting larger due to a pregnancy (31 weeks ya'll!), I have been finding it very difficult to even sit down for longer than 10 minutes. But now Hubby is getting over the hump of wisdom teeth recovery, its time I jump back on the band wagon for good.

First, I will give you some highlights of past project days!

I did H.P. #4 Heart vs. Stomach on my second day and it went over pretty well. I bought him some Reese Pieces for our trip up to the cabin. I made sure to make it extra special by hand writing a little card that said "I love you to Pieces!!" on the front. Super creative :)

I completed H.P. #3 on day four ( You da' Man!). Completing this project at the cabin was easier because there were plenty of people around to listen to me brag about my husband. I talked about how awesome he was for coming up with our living space makeover idea. I still think its so cute that he came up with it by himself!!

For H.P. #1, done on my sixth day of the challenge, I did a walk through of my house from garage to bedroom to assess how it made me feel, and then tried to change any stressful spots or eyesores so the view would be perfect for Hubby's return from work. I've also been working on being proactive with having dinner plans made every night, even if it turns out to just be frozen pizza.

Well for the next week now I would like to complete H.Ps. #17, 13, 12, 16, and 9 for sure. Some other ones might still have to wait until he can eat normal foods again.

#17, Playing Hooky, is on the docket for today. Ideally I would like to get his car get an oil check, air in tires, filled with gas, and washed. But with so many time constraints lately I might be settling for just a car wash. I will take it a step further though and buy a Caribou or Subway gift card to stick in his drink holder

Tomorrow, since I work a longer shift, I will be keeping it simpler and work on completing H.P. #12 "Gotcha!". I'm sure I can find plenty of thinks to praise/thank him for. Right?? :0D

Sunday is my day off! Finally!! That is when I hope to check off H.P. #9 for sure ("Hi-ho, Hi-ho"). I hope we can look again at our living space project or even much simpler, begin a puzzle together. I am SO looking forward to that one!

And that is my Husband Project update! I hope to post again (and this time much sooner as I will be STAYING on that bandwagon) with some more highlights and future projects. Stay tuned!

P.S. Make sure to check out the Husband Project and other books by Kathi Lipp!

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