Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project Time!!

Hey Bloggy, let's catch you up on life:

One of my projects lately is following along with Joyful Mothering as she completes The Husband Project! The Husband Project is a GREAT book and easy to read. Click the link to learn more about it on Amazon. With this baby on the way, I have been trying to spend time now learning how to be a good mom, wife, and house maker; trying to set up good habits now so they will stick after Baby. This book is all about creating good habits in you marriage!

 I read the book straight through quite quickly and as I read each chapter challenge I would journal ideas about how to make it personal for my husband.

Well yesterday was the big challenge kick-off day! I am not able to do each challenge in order, but I am trying to stick to doing all Week One challenges in week one. Yesterday I completed Project #5 "". I text Hubby frequently throughout the day and so didn't want to just send yet another text message he wouldn't respond too. I went out on a limb and sent a cute e-card instead. We would do that every so often while we were dating. No response yet however :( But that is okay! Time to keep on trucking!

While reading the book I thought this would be a breeze. I had ideas for every project, whether they were spectacular or not. I wrote out my calendar and keep it in my journal. In fact I was so excited for this project I could hardly wait for the blog challenge to start and I found myself naturally doing things for my husband that I had planned to use for the projects!! However, I have hit my first hurdle already. Day Two.'

Let me just state the obvious first: Being pregnant can be hard. I can't bend over and put socks on like normal, much less constantly pick things up off the ground that Hubby or Dog knock over. I can't waddle up and down the stairs quite as fast, and carrying laundry up and down is a serious health hazard. So needless to say as I was preparing to go out of town this weekend with Hubby, I was overexerting myself. I'm the one who has to pack the clothes, bathroom items, and food, write lists, stay organized, dog-proof the house, plus I have to spend the entire day today at work so I won't be able to do anything productive to get it all done today. I found myself quickly getting frustrated at the lack of help and understanding, and before rambling on even further, let me just say I am finding it hard to want to love on my husband right now.

But I think that is exactly what this Husband Project is all about, learning to get past our hurts, angers, frustrations and causing within us a natural-ness to love. Whether or not we feel like it.

So I am going ahead in confidence and preparing Project #4 "Heart vs. Stomach". I bought some Reese Pieces just for him to munch on in the car ride and up at the cabin this weekend. They are all for him and he doesn't have to share. I hope he realizes I still like him and find him special! Here is too hoping!!

Since I will be out of town here is my list of projects for the rest of the week:
Friday Project #2 Back in the Day
Saturday Project #3 You da' man!
Sunday Project #6 A Little hands on attention
Monday Project #1
Tuesday Project # 7 Looking Gooood for Your Man

Check out Joyful Mothering and the Husband Project! They just started!!

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