Thursday, August 25, 2011



Can I just share my love of 3-ring binders??

I have been putting one together for my JV Cheer Team and I just love it! I have a place to keep all contact information, calendars, attendance sheets, cheer lists, and apparel sizing. I also make sure to keep a folder for all loose pages and I also keep small notepads for quick notes or ideas. In the back I keep the newest Spirit Rules Book, and other sports and stunting rules/guidelines. I find joy out of typing up lists and sliding into those shiny page protectors.

I once read a tip that if you splurge on CUTE organizational equipment you are more likely to use it. So you better believe I splurged for my ADORABLE cheer binder (Target)!

A lot of homemaker/wife blogs I read talk about creating a Command Central Binder. With it many women collect all their important papers, numbers, etc. to help them keep the clutter from their kitchen counters or dining room tables. I recently downloaded a free copy of How to create a Command Central Binder from that gives you 2 different tracks to follow and put together a family binder. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but what a great amazing concept! And such a simple way to clear up your life!

My husband and I recently purchased an IPad 2 to help us organize our lives in a technological way! I am just in love with the thing. I downloaded the app Remember the Milk to keep all my checklists. We use the pre-loaded Calendar App to keep track of our busy schedules. If you have an IPod or IPad, and use it for productivity, let me know what apps you use to help you keep track of life!!

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