Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fave Cleaning Tip

My favorite cleaning tip that I try to use at least every other day: set the timer on your phone for ten minutes and race to clean as much as you can before time is up!!

For me I like the challenge of seeing how much I can accomplish in ten minutes. Honestly, I hate cleaning. A shock I know. Even without kids I find it impossible to keep up after my husband. But I am often shocked by how quick the transformation is made! Ten minutes for me = do-able. And let's face it, you cannot say that you don't have ten minutes. Reading? Facebooking? Gaming? Cut out that ten minutes and it WILL feel great!

Gotta go! It's cleaning time!

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  1. This is a fantastic tip! Since we are living with Matt's parents right now, there isn't much for us to clean. But once we move into our new place, I'm sure he will be leaving a lot more mess around :) I also hate cleaning, and just putting 10 minutes into it at a time is great! Thanks for the tip!


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