Thursday, July 26, 2012

T Minus One Day!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the Olympics to start! Opening Ceremony is tomorrow night at 7:30pm. I love having the TV on 24/7 with all the fun sports and games playing in the background. I never want to miss a moment. Plus, I love the summer Olympics the most!! I hope not to miss rhythmic gymnastics, that thing is BOMB!! you can tell I am excited. I guess I better leave it there than :oD

Well, I also wanted to notify the press that *somehow* my dog lives. Two nights ago now she ate a pretty large quantity of grapes. Grapes are known to be toxic and even fatal to dogs. They can cause kidney failure and eventually a very, painful death. I was so mad at her for doing something so dumb!! I have left grapes on the counters before and she never paid them any heed, but for some reason that night she must have been hungry!

She ate at LEAST that many. So you can see why we were so concerned. But besides seemingly having a slight buzz, Jade acted perfectly normal. Dumb dog.

Slightly related to my Dumb Dog: Can I share my love of my new Dirt Devil vacuum?? It is because of Jade's extreme hair loss that I even had to buy the thing. We have to vacuum/sweep at LEAST once a day, and it can be pretty hard to vacuum while pregnant. So Hubby graciously allowed me to buy the lightweight Dirt Devil. It converts into a hand held vacuum with a detailer!! I hugged it all the way to the check out line at Target the day we bought it. 

This is the handheld part right after I used it yesterday and gave it a good washing. What a yummy color blue!! 

So ad-midst a stressful time in my life, the above are 3 things to be excited about!! Woo HOO! Thanks for listening!

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  1. You hugged the vacuum? You are funny! love you!


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