Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Life Changer

Well Hello Bloggy World.

I've been cruising the Blog Scene lately, finding all sorts of wonderful blogs (try intentionalbygrace.com and join their scripture memory challenge! it's only week 2!) about God, homemaking, raising children, going green, surviving as a mom, and a combination of all of the above. However, I have been having a REALLY hard time finding a blog about being pregnant. Sure a lot of those blogs include a brief pregnancy section which mostly includes articles about fending off morning sickness and eating healthy (is it really MY fault that vegetables are a huge turn off for me right now??). But man, being pregnant brings a whole host of EMOTION. And I am not even talking about the hormones, I'm just talking about how overwhelming it can be to do/think about, and yet no one ever seems to talk about that much.

So here is the beginning of My Story:

It was this past late January/early February and the Hubs and I were sitting down to a nice romantic, candlelit dinner with a bottle of wine. (No this isn't how baby was conceived :))) We were polishing of the delicious bottle of vino and got to talking about the future and our plans, and especially if we thought children might be involved. Eventually, we both came to the conclusion that the only reason we had thought about children thus far was because of family and societal pressures Then we brilliantly thought 'Hey, that is not a very good reason for having a child!'. Both of us were fine with perhaps never having kids and we started imagining all sorts of life possibilities; both of us going back to school, travelling, knocking off the Bucket List items. It was going to be wonderful!

But then I said, "If God wants us to have a child, He will place the kid in me and it will be born no matter what, birth control or not!" and I did truly believe it. But I also sort of just said it and forgot about it at the time.

Fast forward like a week or two and it was Aunt Flo time. I started getting this big, heavy cramps...but no bleeding. For a few days this went on before I got really weirded out. Of course this lead to me searching the good ole trusty webmd.com.
Conclusion: Ovarian Cancer.
For sure.
So I called the doc and they set me up an appointment relatively soon. I was nervous and scared so didn't tell Hubby about said appointment until we were at the coffee shop that morning. He asked if I thought I was pregnant and I said "I don't think so!" I mean, I didn't have all those "Big Clues" like sore breasts or morning sickness, just these never ending cramps. Luckily, I have a great husband and he agreed to come with me to the doctor's office that afternoon.

At the appointment, I don't think pregnancy was hardly mentioned. They may have asked if I thought I might be and I said the same thing I had told Hubby. So they made me pee in a cup and have a "Lady Check" (sorry Hubs for having to witness that one!). Then they left us in the room for 10 nerve wracking minutes. I had no idea what they were even testing for! Can you detect ovarian cancer from urine??

But sure enough the doc walks back in and simply says "Well, you tested positive."

"What does that mean?!?!" --me freaked out.

"It means your pregnant."-- husband calmly.

The doctor kept talking but really I heard a lot of this:

To be continued.. :)

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  1. Even though I am laughing (GREAT post!), I am sorry you ever thought about cancer. I suppose that's partially because of what I've gone through. God sure does know how to get our attention, doesn't he? Don't worry, you will still have that wonderful life you dreamed of. In fact, it will now be even BETTER! Love you!!!


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