Monday, November 28, 2011

True Addictions

Dear Bloggy,

Today begins the day that I am being cut off from sugar. !!! The husband has decided that to help me lose weight I should try my darndest not to eat sugar for a whole week! I am completely sure I will fail. I can hardly make it through a single day much less a whole week!

Sure, going into such a challenge with that mindset, is probably a bad idea. But going without sugar....that is a HUGE step for me! I tried to talk him down from the ledge, perhaps some ultra sweaty cardio work out sessions instead. Nope.

So instead of having my usual cereal of Lucky Charms, the Husband made me a DELICIOUS parfait:

 Using fresh strawberries, delicious granola and Chobani (my first time!):

So ONE meal down.......................2 more for today, and a lifetime until next Monday morning.......

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