Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Planner

Today I caught up on my Christmas Countdown activities. I started my first ever Christmas Planner. It is not the prettiest thing I have ever seen! I had to use an old 3-ring binder from the Interior Design Class two years back. Its broken. But now that the husband and I are trying to tighten up the budget, I figured it would be silly to go out and buy a new one.

To make it cuter, I printed off a free cover design and a matching one for the spine. It will have to do for this year!

The most challenging activity for me so far was the Holiday Values Worksheet. It asked a lot of questions about what was good and bad about last year. What I remember the most about last year was stressing out over gifts! I never know what to get people, so I end up spending too much or avoiding it at all costs! I wish we could skip gift giving for the holidays. Sure, I like to receive gifts as much as the next girl, but I am EASY to shop for! Everyone I know is picky or unafraid to voice their distaste for the gift I got them. Example: I have known my husband for eight years now, and I think I have only gotten him TWO gifts that he has really ever enjoyed. That includes Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries...SIGH.

I am going to work hard this year to make sure that is not my focus. I don't think I enjoyed Christmas as much last year because of that. I would rather be focusing on JESUS! He is the best gift I could ever receive! I pray He is the focus for me this holiday season.


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