Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BVW #5

Guten Tag Amigos!

Well, because I took a blog break I didn't get to share the last Bible Verse Wednesday of May with you, so here it is one more time!

Honestly? This is a verse I need to pound into my brain. With a sledgehammer. And then glue it there with super sticky gorilla glue.

It goes along well with the well known verse of Psalm 46:10 "Be Still and Know that I Am God". I love the NASB version of that verse as well : "Cease striving..."

Try Exodus 14:14 in the NASB: "The LORD will fight for you while you remain silent". 

Sometimes it is hard for me to rely on God first. I am a seer more than a blind faith-er. I can't see God, I can't hear Him speak to me audibly, so I forget sometimes. I think I have to do it all myself. Who is going to clean the house? Me. Who will feed the Baby? Me. Who will manage this fight? Me. Who must make that decision? Me. So many things weigh me down. Ugh. I feel poopy just thinking about it. 

But God. 

But God says : "Just be STILL Alyssa! I got this. You stay here, hiding in the shadow of my wings, I will fight the battle for you. I will put out the fires for you. I will take care of your child. And I will restore your marriage always. Cease striving? What can you gain and do on your own?? You can do nothing apart from me. So come, sit, relax at my feet. Worship my Holy Name, and know that I AM."

Friends, I pray the same for you today. Maybe you simply need to grab hold of this promise, maybe you need to stop and cry a little, maybe you need to dance around the house to loud praise music ignoring the mess Baby makes. GOD HAS GOT THIS. HE can fight your battles, you need only BE STILL! 

My heart aches for us to get this. Starting today, I will cling to this promise!!

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  1. I am forever trying to solve my own problems and then wondering why it doesn't work out. I needed to read this! A brilliant reminder!


    1. Isn't that so true?? Thanks for stopping by Vicki!

  2. I always feel that this is the hardest bit of instruction, I just want to do something and fix it, finish it, or something! I spend most of my time just running after my kids, so to be still is hard! I was once told, that even when I can't physically be still, or even mentally for that matter, still my emotions, and allow joy to fill the emotions that can lead to stress, and that does seem to make the running around crazy settle a little... Good verse!



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