Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Diet

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Major life change occurring here with hubby and me. And no it's not another baby!! Hubby was watching a food documentary, which is a bad idea, and it was discussing how difficult meat is for our digestive system to process. It lead to several vegetarian blogs who base their decisions on Genesis 1:28-30, particularly verse 29, where it mentions that God gives us all seed-bearing plants as food but doesn't mention meat. 

He and I held a lengthy discussion about what we thought about vegetarianism and were quite close to committing to it. The next day however I found Hubby eating meat!! Turns out he has changed his mind. Nice to know :)) 

Now, let me say that I don't know much about the medical side of things, and I bet I could hardly explain Paleo to you, so I hope you aren't expecting me to explain it all in detail. The basics of the Paleo diet is to eat what cavemen would eat, this includes vegetables, fruits, and meats. Yay! Glorious meat! But sadly it does not include wheat products or dairy. This happens to be 80% of our diet right now. The 20% leftover is sugar. Straight up. 

We aren't going strictly Paleo. After looking around can I just say: o.m.g. A Paleo diet can be quite complicated when you start looking at the 'rules' and can involve nitpicking every little thing you eat. Hubby and I wanted to give it a go but we were also not looking to devote hours of our time researching what we can and cannot eat. Instead we decided to simply give up gluten and dairy! Easy peasey! Well...in theory. 

We decided to go this route for several reasons. We are both dealing with health issues that *could* be related to food intolerances that I won't get into here. We've also both been convicted that we need to clean up our diets and choose a healthier lifestyle. Lastly, food as been an idol to us. We turn to food for comfort and joy instead of God first. 

I am sharing this not because I have all the details or am trying to jump on a bandwagon, or even get some sort of 'look at me mentality', but because its going to be HARD! And a large change. And I will probably be grumpy all the time. And to be held accountable. Hubby and I are going to journal how we generally feel now eating everything, try going gluten and dairy free for 30 days, and then check in with our journals again to see how we feel afterwards. If we don't notice much of a difference, I will totally be eating cheese again! Glorious cheese. 

Wish me luck!

See Tsh from the Simple Mom's posts HERE and HERE about Paleo and whether it might be the right diet for you.

Have you tried Paleo? What do you think about the importance of treating your body as a temple of God?

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  1. I am being convicted of the same thing. We are giving up pop and the sugar, oh the sugar to start with. I've been incorporating many more real foods and that is my ultimate goal is to be eating real food. The more I learn, the more disgusted I am about what we eat.

    Good luck and I'll pray for you guys when I'm praying for myself too! :)


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