Saturday, February 25, 2012

Current Projects

Hello Bloggy!

Here's an update on what I am doing:

1) I am following the I am not much for paying for these sort of things, but right now if you scroll down their home page they are offering the complete collection from March 2011. I think I am on Day 4 now, but here is a picture from my Day one:

2) I discovered this book at Barnes and Nobles::

It's pretty awesome. At first I was considering a different one and thought this one would be great for my a-type older sister (who told me once before she has problems being random!)

So, today I randomly opened up to a page. It said I should tape some blank pages together and then tape them to the book so they could fold in. And then spill something on it. The next picture might look disturbing::

But its great to me!! I guess I would have preferred some awesome pink and purple paints. But that wouldn't have been random. Or creative. And less like a mistake. Instead I laid it out on my kitchen floor, turned around and spotted some sriracha sauce, and grabbed it without a second thought. I admit it was quite satisfactory to squirt it about. And then since I was holding my cold coffee in hand I thought "What the heck!" And dumped that on too. 

I let it lay about and dry for a while and then folded it up and mashed it up and stuck it out on the deck, hoping the freezing air would do it some good. Right now its under 5 old textbooks. 

The one and only problem?? Sriracha sauce can sure be stinky!! I wonder, why didn't I choose something more awesome like...chocolate sauce? I guess sitting and thinking about my medium would have defeated the purpose of random, improvisation, and learning to make mistakes!! So I think I took this book to heart quite literally and made a MESS

3) I am reading Magnificent Obsession by Anne Graham Lotz. Took me about 120 pages but I think I get it now. Or at least I got ...something. Maybe an answer to a deep conversation I had last night with a dear friend. Perhaps a step in the right direction at the very least. 


Good bye bloggy world. 

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