Monday, February 13, 2012



This will be a disjointed and crazy blog. Deal.

1. I finished reading Priscilla Shirer's "Discerning the Voice of God" a few days back. While reading, although I found it spectacular, I kept finding myself annoyed. It seemed in every chapter of the book her remedy was to get into the Word of God. Really?! Two chapters in I found myself going, "Yes, I know, I get it. What else?" It wasn't until I closed the cover for the last time that I discovered: "Hmmm...maybe that means reading the Bible really IS important!" Like, maybe the whole reason she kept going on and on and on and on about it is because it really IS the best thing you can do to foster a relationship with God. Maybe, just maybe, if I want to get to know the Lord even more, and even hear His voice more regularly...I should read the Bible! Let's face it, I don't always find reading the Bible the most amusing past time. Most times I don't know what/where to read (do I study, or just read?) and I never really discover anything that pertains to me. But, every now and then..I come across a verse that, let's face it, I have read a million times. However, THIS time it catches my eye. It jumps off the page. I read it and re-read it, highlight it, circle it, look up Greek and Hebrew meanings. And pretty soon I find myself wanting to tattoo the very verse onto my wrist so I can see it whenever I am doing anything. I can just look down and BAM: Oh yeah, Jesus DOES like me! or Oh yeah, Jesus really IS the Holy Matchless One! or a good one, Oh yeah, Jesus you ARE my capstone!
So....all this to say 2 things: 1. Thank you Mrs. Shirer for being obnoxious about reading the Bible. and 2. I need to get into memorization more. I started once and probably memorized 10 more verses than I already knew. But let's face it, I only have so much room on my wrists and forearms.

2. Sigh. This is the section that will refer to my Bloggy Title today. Hubby thinks I am nuts. Maybe I am nuts. But I really do wonder if other normal, healthy people have all these nagging stomach issues, random rashes, pruning skin, and constant tiredness. I know that people say that around 2:30-3:00 is when you can really lose your energy. But I can have slept good the night before, do nothing all day, drink my one cup of coffee, and feel exhausted right up until bedtime when I pass out only to restart the cycle again. I've begun to notice through my exhaustion that perhaps I am having tiny headaches everyday. I am not usually good at noticing headaches because I tend to just skip that step and go to full-blown migraines.
And so, I have become fed up with all these weird symptoms that seem to add up to nothing. Was it really a bug that climbed onto my face in broad daylight and bit my eye to cause it to become swollen, inflammed, and itchy? Was it just the bubble bath that caused a rash all over my forearms, and just my forearms even though my whole body was obviously submerged in the bubble bath? This has led to the decision to keep a Food Journal of sorts. In it I will write everything I eat or drink and all my weird bodily reactions. But because I am predisposed to believe in (hypochondriac part is here:) a salicylate allergy, I am also going to write down lotions, soaps, and makeups I use.
Ultimately, time consuming. But also Ultimately, some sort of answers!! I hope!

That is all.
End transmission.

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  1. Girl! I didn't know you were having those issues! I am so sorry! I hope that you find some answers soon, I want you to be better! :)


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