Monday, January 23, 2012

As the Snow Falls

Here is another update Bloggy,

Staying caught up on the APY 60 program has been a challenge. I have managed to complete week 2's power yoga 7 times, but definitely not 7 times in a row. I caught a pretty nasty cold that has kept me strapped to the couch with my Harry Potter books (not a bad place to be). In the Early Days of The Cold, I managed to do about half the work out twice doing the modified poses.So not my best but at least I still tried.

But now I am mostly recovered and want to get back started. The thought of having lost some momentum is depressing to me, but I don't want to start over; I want to finish something like this for once!!

On the food side of things, I haven't kept up with that at all. For week three we are now on a no sugar, dairy, gluten diet, er challenge. Yikes! I'm going to try and stick with less sugar, and more fruits and veggies. If I focus on that, I feel like I will be more likely to succeed. As for the Xylitol I last talked about, no luck! Bummer.

Otherwise, I am 2 competitions away from completing the cheer season, well, then plus the banquet, and tryouts.

Got back to church yesterday, and it felt great! I hated missing it so much, like a month!! But they came out with the new subgroup magazine and I spotted a Flash Mob group!! YAY! I'm liking the sounds of a planking mob! I will probably try to find one or two groups to join so that I can stay more connected.

Still working away too, working today in fact. Nervous to drive in all the snow and ice.... we'll see!!

TTYL bloggy

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