Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Small Picture Tour of inRLMN 2014

Here is a very brief picture tour taken with my Galaxy s4 of the in(RL)MN 2014 meeting:

Quotes from the (in)courage team were everywhere

The ladies had each table decorated so beautifully. Much need in this dreary MN spring

Our crafts were jars covered with book pages. Inside each one is a tealight
I love how mine represents me. Some ladies had perfectly organized
jars with verses or themes. I just wanted mine to be completely
covered with Christian words. "Imitators of God", communion
love, Jesus, friendship, God, and Bible verses. 

Worship. How wonderful to hear our voices praise the Lord together!!

Photo Apr 26, 5 02 10 PM
I'm in there somewhere!! :) Note THREE babies! 

Well, I DID warn you it was going to be brief :) But I just wanted to share even just this small glimpse into what (in)RL was like, and maybe to persuade you into attending next year :)

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