Monday, October 8, 2012

Who am I??

Hello Bloggy,

Wow. I realized I never did an introductory post before. I will give a quick run-down:

I dated my Hubby since I was 16 and a sophomore in high school. He is my best friend and I thank God I found him so early. After some rough patches, we finally married in 2009 when he was home on military leave. While we had been engaged before he left for a deployment in Iraq, we had felt lead to wait until he got home to have the wedding. However, three months in, Hubby changed his mind! He gave me two weeks notice (!!) before he was scheduled leave, so I planned a small backyard wedding. We had a second, larger, 'regular' wedding in May 2010 when he was home. So if you ever hear me joke that I have been married's true :))

We lived and loved happily ever after until just this past March I discovered I was pregnant. It came as quite the shock as Hubby and I had just had a lengthy discussion about never having children. We had made beautiful plans to travel and go back to school. Those plans are now on the back burner as we prepare for this surprise baby! Now, however, I am 36 weeks and currently experiencing baby hiccups. Seems my baby girl just loves to move around all the time!

Taken by my Mom

Can I boil my life down to those two major points? Yes. Yes I can.

Because of this impending Baby, I have resolved to become more organized. Reading blogs about becoming a mommy, labor, and breastfeeding lead me to find some super awesome blogs about time management, running a household, cleaning, and crafting. It inspired me to start a blog of my own. And that is what you are reading here! I use this blog to share my goals, thoughts, devotions, and recipes. It may be pretty random but I like it.

Fun Facts about me:

Things I watch on Netflix: Doctor Who (!!), Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure), Downton Abbey, 30 Rock, Alias, and Once Upon a Time.

Things I watch on TV: Dancing with the Stars. ....I am suuuper bad at keeping up with TV.

Things I do in my Free Time: Read, bake, Pinterest, Netflix, organize, and exercise.

Fave Color: pink

Fave Food: Sugar :))

Current Fave Bible Verse: "Before he created the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes" Ephesians 1:4 NLT

Fave sport: Cheerleading!! And I enjoy watching football. Go VIKES!!

Now, Bloggy World, I hope you know me a little bit better! Have a fantastic day!


  1. Thanks for sharing this intro! This baby girl will change you in ways that you never dreamed. Good ways, needed ways...I speak from experience. So glad you linked up!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Some days I think to myself "Let's get this show on the road!" Other days I think "Stay in my belly Baby! No need to come out!" It may possibly relate to how much sleep I got the night before :)

  2. Thomas came as a bit of a surprise too! :) Being a mommy is the most rewarding and most difficult job there is. It's so worth it. :)

    1. I really hope that is true! I have never been a big fan of change, and this will be a BIG change! I hope I can just keep my eyes on God and He will help with the rest!

  3. Enjoy that free time!! :) And protect it when you become a momma--a happy mom is the thermostat of a home.

    1. I am so thankful that my parents live about five miles away. I think Baby will get quite used to Grandma! :)

  4. Hi Alyssa!
    Just wanted to let you know that you won Revealing Jesus!!!
    Please email me your physical address and I will get this in the mail asap.
    gracefilled3(at)gmail (dot)com

    Grace from Composed By Grace

  5. Sometimes the universe gives us what we need in order to advance our lives, not necessarily what we want. Congratulations on the baby.

  6. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace!
    Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace also:
    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I will make sure to return the favor!

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